Waterton Lake National Park Oct 2017

This weekend we decided that we would have a look how Waterton Lakes National park faired the recent fires. There is evidence of the great job that everyone involved had made on keeping Waterton townsite safe. May thanks to all involved!! Here is a shot of the from the plains area just before the remains of the horse barn. The wind was really strong stirring up ash and mixing it with a light snow fall. Made for quite a dramatic view.LethbridgelandscapePhotographer10222017

Sunrise at St.Patrick

Forgot to post last week the wonderful sunrise at St.Patrick Church in Medicine Hat. Have been wanting to catch this one for a bit. Sat on the side of the coulee for 45 mins just waiting for the sun just to hit the right spot. Think it turned out not bad with all the changing colours.

Lethbridge Photographer Landscape10152017

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